Three Steps to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

The prostate is an organ in the human body that only men have. It is part of the reproductive organs which locates in the bladder with the function of keeping semen and sperm. Like the other parts of the body, prostate also has the risk of being infected by cancer.

Prostate SymptomMany factors increase the risk of prostate cancer, such as genes, age, diet, and lifestyle. If your parents or grandparents have the history of prostate cancer, you are at risk of developing the disease too. It increases with age, that is why men are encouraged to take prostate cancer test at the age of 30.

Unhealthy diet and lifestyle also play a role in the growth of prostate cancer. But the good news is that you can prevent it. Follow the tips below.

Healthy diet

Eat only organic and minimally processed food. Organic vegetables do not use pesticides and are grown without artificial fertilizer. Organic meats do not use additive hormones and other unnatural chemical substances. Those chemicals might not impact your body directly. But after years of consumption, your body will be no longer able to filter the toxins. And once they are accumulated in your body, they can act as cancer-causing agents.

Reduce or avoid completely consuming canned food. It is high in sodium and preserving agents, which is unhealthy to your body. Researchers have found out that in a long period, consumption of preserved food correlates with cancer.

Red fruits and green vegetables

Delish Organic MealsRed fruits like tomatoes and watermelon are rich in an antioxidant, called Lycopene. The substance has been proven to decrease the risk of prostate cancer. The redder the tomato or the watermelon, the more
Lycopene it has. You should also know that well-cooked Lycopene fruits enhance its absorption in our body. That is why it is better to eat tomatoes as soup.

Green vegetables also help to fight the risk of prostate cancer. They can break down carcinogen, the substance that triggers cancerous cells. Therefore, you must diversify your meal with more fruits and veggies.

Healthy lifestyle

ActiveExercise routinely every day helps oxygenation in your body. The essential substances that your body needs are carried through the blood cells. Then the blood cells distribute nutrition to the entire body. And here is where exercise plays its substantial role. Exercise improves the flexibility of blood vessel and boosts blood circulation. The better your blood circulation is, the better your immune system can handle the growth of potentially cancerous cells.

A sedentary lifestyle makes a person more vulnerable to prostate cancer. Sitting for a long time inhibits blood flow and increases the toxicity of the lower body parts, including the prostate area. But it does not mean that you should abandon your desk and demand your boss to change it with a standing desk. Just a regular interval can overcome the risk. Stand up for every 2 hours of sitting, and you can significantly improve your health.

What You Should Know about Arthritis


Arthritis is a mysterious disease. It is a sharp pain that happens suddenly on joints once in a while. Cold, foods, and positioning can be the triggers for the pain. And this disease is mysterious because there is no single cause for it. One person with arthritis might receive different treatment from the other.

The common symptoms

Knowing the common symptoms of arthritis is important because you can prevent it from worsening. And with the right treatment and lifestyle, arthritis can also be eliminated once and for all.

Reduced range of motion

Reduced Movement RangeA joint injury that caused by exercise or improper sleeping position may lead to reduced range of motion, but it will disappear over time. If you have arthritis, the condition is recurrent.

The average time for a mild joint injury to heal is around 2 to 3 weeks. Beyond that period, it would be better for you to visit a doctor and get a diagnosis.

Persistent stiffness

Abnormal stiffness can be a sign of arthritis. Just like the reduced range of motion condition, stiffness that lasts for weeks should require a doctor’s visit.

Inflammatory pain

Joint PainArthritis can cause inflammation in the surrounding area of the affected joint. It shows redness and is often followed by fever.

Happening after waking up

The last common symptom of arthritis is when all of the above symptoms happen only in the morning. If you experience pain in the neck, back, knee, and elbow every time you wake up from the bed, you should see a doctor.

Juveniles are also vulnerable

Contrary to the common belief, arthritis also attacks juveniles. Occasional fever, anemia, lethargy, and improper postures might be the symptoms of arthritis. What makes it different from other diseases is the timing of the symptoms to happen. It is often irregularly but happening again after an interval.

The types of arthritis

Joint Pain2Below are the three types of arthritis that most people experience: degenerative, inflammatory, and infectious.

Effaced cartilage on the bones mostly causes degenerative arthritis. And when that condition happens between two bones, their movement causes corroding friction. And that is from where the pain comes.

Aging is the main culprit for the worn-out condition of the cartilage. The body ability to regenerate decreases gradually as we grow old.

Inflammatory arthritis has subtle roots. Both genetics and environment affect the likeliness for a person to contract arthritis. When it is genetics, the immune system of the body behaves uncontrollably and attack its own host. And in arthritis case, the immune system goes rampant on the joints.

MicrobesInflammatory arthritis requires immediate medical attention. Otherwise, it might result in permanent bone damage.

Infectious arthritis is also like inflammatory arthritis. It needs immediate treatment, or it can be chronic very fast. Bacterial, viral and fungal infection can happen in the joints. Salmonella and Shigella are the examples of the bacteria, Hepatitis C the virus, and Candida, Aspergillus, and Exserohilim of the fungus.