Do Alternative Medicine Really Work?

Some people are claiming that they know how to treat diseases without medics. And it means that their methods of diagnosing and treatment have not been scientifically proven. Alternative medicines mostly take their origins from traditions and religions.

Although alternative medicine might sound dangerous and silly to your skeptical mind, you should not think that it is unpopular. Recently, bee sting acupuncture has taken its toll. Inspired by the infamous celebrity, Gwyneth Paltrow, a woman in Spain died of allergy to a bee sting. Examiners have reported that the woman has been in the bee sting therapy for every two months in two years. And surprisingly, instead of developing immunity on the bee venom, the allergy reaction got heightened.

What can we learn from the case?

Alternative medicine is not as safe as it claims

Alternative medicine utilizes nonmedical stuff for their therapies. If bee sting already sounds extreme for you, you must know that there are others which are even weirder.

  1. Bloodletting

BloodlettingChinese tradition believed strongly that blood clotting was the main suspect for many diseases. By using a razor sharp blade, the therapist will make a bloodletting incision on the patient to allow the body to regains its balance.

Constant therapy of bloodletting can result in a false association between blood and disease. It can create a condition where the patient might get addicted to the treatment, while in fact, blood is vital for body’s vigor.

2. Urine therapy

Urine TherapyThis one is as ridiculous as it sounds. The patient is required to drink his/her own urine regularly under the therapist’s supervision. This therapy is practiced under the assumption that our body will improve its immune system by exposing it to our organic waste.

This therapy is harmful to the body because we dispose of parasitic organisms through urine. It is not hygiene and has the potential to cause microbial infection.

Alternative medication works only in the mind

AcupunctureAlternative medications do work for some people. People have reported that their body gets better after receiving an acupuncture or rebirthing therapy. And that story can be true but not because of the therapy itself. There is a psychological phenomenon when the psychological condition can strongly affect physical health. It is called the Placebo effect.

However, for patients with chronic diseases, Placebo effect can be dangerous. It tricks the patient’s mind into thinking that his/her real disease can be cured despite the reality. Chronic health conditions like cancers and autoimmune diseases are incurable but can be treated. Early diagnosis is also vital for the patient’s survival, and yet alternative medication practitioner’s diagnosis can cover the real problem and give a chance for the disease to develop to its severe stage.

The verdict

ChemoAlternative medication gives a little benefit to the patients. First, it does not have a reliable collective database such as in medics. Second, the risks outweigh the advantage. Alternative medication only gives Placebo effect to the patient without curing the real problem. Therefore, you should see a certified physician when you feel unwell.