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kayaking benefits

Most rowing and paddling exercises rely on strength endurance and kayaking is not different. This does not mean that one has to be strong to start kayaking, it is one of those that happens to accommodate persons of all fitness levels.

This sport allows to enjoy the marine life and at the same time workout different muscles in your body. Most fitness enthusiasts believe that kayaking produces more work on different body muscles than what one can get in a gym session. Here are some muscles that stand to benefit from kayaking.

The Back

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One of the primary beneficiaries of kayaking is the back. Every strong made on a kayak engages the back. In fact, paddling assumes a similar type of motion to the one achieved by someone working on dumbbells. With kayaking, you get to stretch and workout different muscles any time you are paddling. Also, one enjoys the liberty to pick the tempo he/she is comfortable with, which makes it perfect for persons with back problems.


The rotational movements achieved when paddling do not just engage the backs but your abs as well. Thus, if you have a weak core, kayaking often can be a good way of improving your ab. Also, the trunk, which runs from the waist to the neck is actively engaged in a rotation manner thus enhancing your stability. Strengthening your core and back muscles goes a long way in improving your stamina and overall fitness levels.

Build Shoulders

Any time you will be paddling on a kayak, you will be working out the shoulders. Ideally, the direct impact on your shoulders while on a kayak is often pronounced than what is achieved during normal workouts. The repetitive action of having to push the paddle back and forth attacks the rear, anterior, and lateral delts of the shoulders. Again, the good thing about kayaking is that you can always pick the tempo that works for you and stick to it.


Another muscle that stands to gain from kayaking is the bicep. Both the biceps and triceps are involved in the back and forth paddling movements. Paddling is a crucial test to these muscle groups, especially when maintaining the grip and maneuvering ion the waters.

Padding while kayaking presents an exhilarating way to workout out as you engage with nature. As always, you need to invest in the best kayak sail to reap these benefits. Click Here if you need to buy a decent unit any time soon.

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