By | 08/21/2018
recumbent bike

Recumbent bikes are great alternatives for those who don’t have the time or can’t access the gym. They provide an efficient way of getting fit. Recumbent bikes come with various features such as magnetic resistance, height adjustments, backrest, basic console and large seats. Experts at RecumbentBlog argue that buying a recumbent bike can prove to be an overwhelming experience particularly for those who’ve not used or seen them before. Below is a recumbent exercise bike buying guide for those who plan to get one.

Understand Your Exercise Goals

It pays to understand how often one will be using their recumbent bike and how hard they want to push it. It is easy for one to overestimate their exercise abilities and end up buying a recumbent bike they won’t utilize pretty well. Experts recommend starting with a realistic goal regarding how one plans to use their bike to get the one that matches their needs. Some may want to work out the entire body, legs or even arms.

Budget Determines the Features to Expect

It makes no sense to emphasize on pro features of a recumbent bike when the budget doesn’t allow it. One’s budget can limit the number of features that one will get. Pricier bikes often come with advanced features that are not common in cheap models. For those who just want to pedal right away as they adjust the resistance, there is no need to pay for more for those with pre-set programs.

Some even come with features such as downloadable fitness apps that use bluetooth. They also provide options for video streaming and much more. It is good to sit down and write down the features that one needs. These may include adjustments, console features, belt tension, resistance, heart rate monitor and entertainment options.

Weight Matters a Lot

The weight of an exercise bike determines its stability. Nobody would want to ride a wobbling bike. The more it weights, the more stable it becomes. However, for those who plan to buy heavy bikes, it is good to consider transport wheels. This aids in moving them from one place to another. Additionally, the weight of the user should not exceed the weight supported by the bike.

Consider the Noise Level

It is common to come across a noisy recumbent bike since they come with fans. Due to the air resistance, the more the user pedals the bike, the stronger the breeze which tends to produce noise. However, it is not advisable to buy a bike with unbearable noise. Sometimes one may want to listen to music or watch a TV program as they exercise and too much noise can be a nuisance.


Regardless of how good a recumbent bike may be, it is good to consider the warranty that comes with it. Short warranties are undesirable and can signal weak equipment. Besides, some may be pricier but with very short warranties. It is advisable to check for the length of the warranty before buying one.

One’s exercise goals and budget, as well as the product’s warranty, noise level, and weight are the top aspects to consider when buying a recumbent bike. Other factors include support and comfort as they help in reducing the pain in the joints and legs. There is always a recumbent exercise bike for anyone depending on their fitness goals.