By | 06/04/2018
weighted pen

Handwriting legibility is a major factor in written forms of communication, and it can help with personal notes. In the past, most people relied on handwritten notes for various office and field data functions. However, smartphones and other technologies now allow people to use touch-typing to jot down notes.

The practice tends to mess a person’s handwriting by reducing the opportunities to write often. On the other hand, some people are unfortunate to have trembling hands that make it hard for them to write in a clear way. And this is where the weighted pen comes in. It is a useful tool that every person with such challenges will need. If you are wondering what the benefits of a weighted pen with a grip are, then here are some answers.

It Gives People with Disabilities the Ability to Write

People who are unable to form letters because of inherent physiological disabilities can benefit from the use of weighted pens. The additional weight improves balance and reduces the discomfort and shakiness of the pen when the person is handling it. Consequently, the child manages to form letters because of slow and steady movement of the hand because of the pen.


It Is Easy to Adjust to a Person’s Need

The weighting of the pens can be specific to a person’s need or as a standard measure for a range of grip intentions. The critical attribute of the pens is the calibrated additional weight together with the thick barrel that provides comfortable handling. They have an ergonomic shape and design that provide corrective feedback to users. The feedback contributes to hand strengths.

You Can Write Without Getting Tired

Normal pens can be very cumbersome to use after hours of holding them. The weighted pen distributes muscles and efforts of the fingers and forearm evenly to reduce fatigue and cut down hand tremors. Consequently, the pen is comfortable to use even for extended periods.

This quality is essential for people who are already facing difficulties writing even for a short time. They need something that will help to address their discomfort and help them cope with some lengthy writing demands where there is no alternative.

Prevent Further Damage of Nerves

If your job involves a lot of writing by hand on a daily basis, then you will benefit from the use of the weighted pens. They address a common problem that people develop where there is nerve-sensitivity that grows around the top of the fingers and tends to become worse with time. The balancing of the pen takes away the stimulation of the nerves and allows the brain to concentrate on the writing and not the tremors or pain on the fingers.

It Is Easy To Use

You do not need special skills to learn and effectively hold the weighted pen with grip. The mechanism that works for the normal pen is the same for writing with this special type pen. A small difference is the existence of the grip area, which should help you discover the correct positioning of your fingers. Most people learn to use pens the wrong way by holding them wrongly, but the grip on the weighted pen resolves the problem.